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Quality Control ( Including Video )

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Quality control is a process that is used to ensure a certain level of quality in a product or service. It might include whatever actions a business deems necessary to provide for the control and verification of certain characteristics of a product or service. Most often, it involves thoroughly examining and testing the quality of products or the results of services. The basic goal of this process is to ensure that the products or services that are provided meet specific requirements and characteristics, such as being dependable, satisfactory, safe and fiscally sound.

Quality Control ( Including Video )


    Package Drop Testing

    First we take one completed package to do the Drop test. One package include eight angles, six surfaces, and twelve lines. We first test one angle, one line, and one surface, then check if there is no damage on the subject then do the second test with one angle, two lines, and three surfaces.

    Temperature Testing

    We will do the material temperature test on the product materials before producing it. In the video, we are testing the metal clip which has finished paint. We put the clip in the lab tester at 80 degree for 4 hours. If the paint has no bubbles on it or fall off, then we pass the test.

    Speaker Accelerated Life Testing

    Marine Speaker UV Testing

    The marine speaker is store on the Yacht, and leaves it under the sun and UV for long-term exposure. The plastic of the product will easily turn yellowing and embrittled. All materials should be able to have UV-resistant. In order to make sure the product is in high-quality and stable, we have made a rigorous test on all materials and products for 200 hours on doing the UV-test.

    Salt Spray Test of Marine Speaker

    Since the marine speaker was mounted in the yacht, it has been corrode under the seawater and sea breeze for a long time, the product and the parts would easily get rusty. In order to make sure the products’ high-quality, we will do the saline test for finished goods and the material for 12 hours. This can help us to verify the materials’ corrosion resistance.

    QC Dust Cap

    This is the finished dust cap. After electroplate and side cut, now we are doing the last inspection. The product has to stay under a bright room, using light reflection to inspect is there any spot on the product, and use the scouring oil to clean it up. When it’s dry we can start packing.

    Bullet Type Equalizer for Speaker

    This is after finishing electroplate, now is doing QC, repair and maintain work. We need to cut off the extra plastic material by hand.

    Speaker Cone Paper Quality Control

    - Fixed edge cone paper for tweeter to do the quality control under the light. Because the paper edge is really narrow, it does not allow being broken. Also, the edge has to be smooth and sleek. Therefore we need to do the first quality control under the light. When we finished side cutting and making the center hole for 6 1/2” paper cone, we will start the first quality control as well. To check is the cone edge smooth enough, does the color uniform, and is the weight in the qualified range.