Munich HIGH END show 2014

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All preparations for the next HIGH END show at the MOC Munich have been done so far. A (German) preview can be seen here: http://youtu.be/zm0fTfY-3QM
By the end of March, more than 400 renowned national and international exhibitors had already decided to participate at the branch’s leading trade fair. This means that current levels of registration have risen again, compared to the same time last year. We are close to concluding the planning for the stands and very soon, all exhibitors and their brands will be published on our web site. Visitors to this year’s HIGH END can expect a veritable explosion of attractive exhibitors and brands. Nearly all renowned companies and brands will be represented at the HIGH END again. The trade fair forms a unique basis for lasting commercial success in the branch and provides an ideal platform for purchasers, dealers, consumers and specialists from the industry and the media as well.

Please visit the Munich HIGH END 2014 Official Website at:

Munich HIGH END show 2014